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Support Your Telescopes with Best Telescope Mount from Modern Telescopes  

Modern Telescopes is the largest telescope store in India, and you can buy telescope mounts online at modern telescopes. 

Modern Telescopes is the exclusive distributor of Software Bisque India. Buy Software bisque's world class telescope mounts also known as paramount only at modern telescopes. The above are popular series of software bisque. Paramount MYT GEM , Paramount MX+ GEM , Paramount Taurus 400, Paramount ME II GEM

Modern Telescopes is also authorized distributor of Vixen telescopes and vixen  mounts which  are made in Japan. Buy Vixen Polarie,  Vixen SX2 EQ goto mount , Vixen SXD2 EQ goto mount, Vixen goto ADX2 and Vixen AP goto mounts only at Modern Telescopes in India.

Modern Telescopes is also the authorized distributor on Meade Telescopes , and Meade LX85 EQ goto Mount and Meade LX850 goto Mounts are highly recommended for astrophotography. 

You can also buy Explore Scientific goto EQ mounts and Bresser goto EQ mounts at Modern Telescopes.

What are a telescope mount and its type? 

A telescope mount is an automatic structure that helps in supporting it. They are just like pillars of a house; as they help in holding the building firmly, so do the mounts. They support the weight of the telescope and help them to focus on the target with accuracy.  

Many mounts have been developed keeping in mind the need for the same and use of it in a different place. Mounts are essential when astronomers have to dedicate more time and even some days to months to calculate or while doing surveys on certain objects.  

Fixed Mounts 

These mounts are fixed to a particular place, and we cannot change their position as per our requirement. As many limitations are there for using this most person, don’t prefer using fixed mounts. Still, fixed mounts are useful as they hold the telescope strongly. 

Fixed altitude mounts 

These mounts are fixed to a particular place, and we cannot change their position as per our requirement. As many limitations are there for using this most person, don’t prefer using fixed mounts. Still, fixed mounts are useful as they hold the telescope strongly. 

Transit mounts 

They have rotating altitudes with the north-south axis. These types of telescopes can rotate and view the whole sky but in a fixed path. These types of instruments are cost-effective but immovable. These types of telescopes are large and save energy. 

Altitude-altitude mounts 

These mounts are used basically for satellite tracking as these can be tracked smoothly. These mounts are fixed and rotate at a particular angle, making it view some particular objects when only they cross its path. 

Altitude mounts 

These mounts have different motions and are simple to be used. These types of mounts are used in places where viewing is restricted to a particular kind. They are designed in early designs of a telescope and are less renowned.  

Most research people use these mounts in their project where they need to collect data of a particular place or kind. Many construction sites and commercial buildings use these telescope mounts for their convenience. Even these can be tracked digitally. 

Equatorial mounts 

These mounts move in the north-south "polar axis" and help the telescope to swing. These mounts are designed in such a way that they can support both the ends of the axis and maintain balance.  

The perfection in the movement in the mounts axis allows tilted to be parallel to Earth's polar axis that allows the telescope to swing in an east-west arc, with a second axis perpendicular to that to allow the telescope to swing in a north-south arc. 


This configuration allows moving the telescope in all six spatial degrees giving it the freedom to move in every direction precisely. It can rotate in its axes with ease and take pictures of the objects minutely.  

It can take pictures and record any movement with details. It is used when astronomers need to take several pictures consecutively of a particular area. 


How to Attach Mounts? 

The mounts can be attached to any concrete place or wall with the help of rings or c-clamps and can be padded with the sponge to keep it frim in the place it is attached. The design is made such it holds the telescope tightly to its ring and gives a focused view.  

The weight and size of the telescope make its user decide on how to fix it. Smaller telescopes require single rings, but when telescopes are heavy and long, they need pair of rings. Then screws are tightened to the telescope with the rings to make it stronger and durable. 

Some examples of telescope mounts are: 

  • OmegonMiniTrack LX2. 

  • Vixen Mobile Porta Altazimuth. 

  • Sky-Watcher Evostar-90 AZ Pronto. 

  • Baader Nano Tracker Travelling Mount. 

  • Sky-Watcher Solar Quest Solar Go-To. 

  • Bresser Photo Mount. 

  • Opteron Sky Guider Pro. 

eV scope

A reasonably compact device, the Unistellar eVscope is the equivalent of a 114mm reflector telescope. 


Modern Telescopes stays updated with the new scopes, when they are launched in the market.


Binoculars are optical instruments built with a pair of small telescopes that are equipped with refracting lenses. 


Monoculars are optical instruments built with small telescopes that are equipped with refracting lenses. 


An eyepiece is essentially a mixture of lenses used as a magnifier, the latter being a positive lens but its focal distance. 

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