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Best Binoculars Online For Sale From Modern Telescopes For Your Professional Use 

Some Best Professional To Entry-Level Binoculars. 

Modern Telescopes sell the best and the latest binoculars online at very affordable prices. We provide a variety of products ranging from professional binoculars to low-end binoculars for leisure purposes.  

With a large variety of products comes confusion. However, Modern Telescopes bring you the best binoculars online that are available in the Indian market presently.


Celestron 20x80 Skymaster Astro Binocular

Celestron Skymaster Astro Binocular is a mid-range yet amazing product. With its large 20x magnification Porro prism binocular and giant 80 mm objective lens, the binocular provides clean crystal image at maximum magnification.  

Unlike many other binoculars, the Celestron  Skymaster provides a clear image even at low-light and long-distance.  At its given price range, Skymaster provides premium quality. Vixen Binoculars New Apex 12×30 DCF: The Vixen New Apex is another mid-range binocular with 12 x magnification.  


Nikon Prostaff 5 10x50 Binocular

Nikon ProStaff 5 is an amazing piece of equipment and is built especially for adventurers. Being manufactured by a leading camera manufacturing company, Nikon, one can rest assured about the visual quality.  

Being a Nikon product, all the lenses and prisms are made with Nikon’s Eco Glass. The body is reinforced with fibre-glass and provides premium durability.  Another amazing feature of this binocular is that it is completely adjustable and provides maximum adaptability according to the face structure of the user. Check out the Nikon Prostaff here. 

bushnell 10-50 binocular photo.PNG

Bushnell Falcon 10x50 Wide Angle

Bunshell Falcon is an amazing entry-level scope, hight recommended for leisure purposes like bird watching, wildlife observers, hunting etc. or for kids.  

The product has a rubberized design to make it durable. Even at such an economical price range, it provides Porro prism, and coated lenses provide amazing clarity and sharp viewing.  

Another exceptional feature that Bushnell has provided are fold-down eyecups for users who wear eyeglasses or sunglasses. It protects your lenses from scratching. Check out binoculars online on, Modern Telescopes.

BRESSER 16x50 Travel Binocular.JPG

Bresser 16x50 Travel Binocular

Bresser is an entry-level binocular. As the name suggests is built for travellers/adventurers. Unlike many premium or entry-level binoculars, Bresser provides a full-body rubber coating for maximum protection from damage. With an amazing 16x magnification and Bk-7 optical material, it is one of the entry-level binoculars that provide crystal clear and bright visuals in low light.

Other than that, it comes with few accessories like a pouch with a durable strap and a manual. Even after being an entry-level product, the build has not been compromised, including the magnification dials, which have excellent response and are smooth to use. 


These were some of the fine products across all price range from Modern Telescopes. However, there are still many binoculars online that are available on the official websites. To check out the other binoculars provided by Modern Telescopes, visit the page.  

Modern Telescopes also deals with monoscopic/spotters and several other products like telescopes, imaging devices and many more. Check the website for more information about the products.  

eV scope

A reasonably compact device, the Unistellar eVscope is the equivalent of a 114mm reflector telescope. 


Modern Telescopes stays updated with the new scopes, when they are launched in the market


Monoculars are optical instruments built with small telescopes that are equipped with refracting lenses. 


An eyepiece is essentially a mixture of lenses used as a magnifier, the latter being a positive lens but its focal distance. 


A telescope mount is an automatic structure that helps in supporting it. They are just like pillars of a house.

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