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Nyx, the ancient Greek goddess of the night, enlightened us to design and produce a high-performing, high payload mount that can easily carry imaging equipment up to 20 kg without needing a counterweight or shaft.


Strain wave drive on RA and DEC movement ensures a backlash-free operation with high torque at high payloads. A fully CNC machined aluminum alloy 6061 body, black and blue anodized, and a selection of branded parts (stepper motors, strain wave gear) inside the mount, ensure that Nyx-101 will perform flawlessly for many years. Mount includes an electronic brake on the RA axis to prevent backsliding when power is off as well as safety limit stops during slew or tracking.


This mount has an incredibly lightweight design, especially compared to the impressive payload capacity. Weighing in at only 6.4kg (14.1 lb.), this mount can support equipment from a small refractor to a fully loaded 11" SCT telescope. The Pegasus Astro NYX-101 mount comes with a Polemaster adapter on the front of the mount so you can pair a user-supplied QHY Polemaster for precise polar alignment. It also comes with an ST-4 port at the back of the mount, making it compatible with a simple hand controller or an ST-4 guiding camera (hand controller and ST-4 guiding camera not included). The Nyx101 mount includes a set of sensors that will help you orient the mount at the correct altitude and azimuth in order to give an initial, rough polar alignment. The NYX-101 also comes with reverse voltage polarity protection. This is a lifesaver if the voltage or battery polarity is accidentally reversed.


Pegasus Astro has designed the Nyx-101 mount with many features that will help you make the most out of your astrophotography or observation experience! This harmonic geared mount comes with dual Alt-Az/EQ modes, a dual Losmandy/Vixen saddle plate, a safety-power break, refractive corrections, and more! With the Nyx-101 harmonic gear mount you can have a dynamic and smooth performance with every session


20kg Capacity without Counterweights!
This Pegasus Astro mount can support high imaging loads. The Nyx 101 mount can support up to 20kg (44 lb.) without counterweights, though you can add counterweights, if desired, to increase the payload up to 30kg (66 lb.). A user-supplied counterweight and counterweight shaft must be compatible with the M12 counterweight shaft hole found at the end of the DEC axis.


Pegasus Astro NYX-101 Harmonic Geared Mount

Sales Tax Included
  • SKU Number


    Model Number


    Mount Type

    Dual Alt-Az/Equatorial

    Type of Mount Electronics

    Computerized - GoTo

    Weight Capacity (lb.)

    44 w/out counterweights, 66 w/ counterweights

    Mount Includes Tripod or Pier?


    Operation Temperature

    -20° to + 50°C

    Mount Slew Speeds

    Max: 6 degs/sec

    Includes Integrated WiFi?


    Included Accessory Ports

    ST4 guide port, USB2.0

    Includes GPS?


    Saddle Type

    Dual - Vixen or Losmandy

    Hand Controller Included


    Polar Scope Included?


    Mount Weight (lb.)

    14.33 lb.


    Pegasus Astro - 2 Years
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