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Telescope Imaging Camera Undoubtedly an Important Tool in Astronomy 

Telescopes are optical instruments that use lenses, curved mirrors, and even sometimes both combinations to make the faraway objects sim closure. Various types of telescopes are used to observe distant objects by directly seeing them or having a look at them through electromagnetic radiation.  

The telescopes play an important role in astronomy by helping to collect details and analyzing the celestial objects that are very far from us.  

Since the evolution of telescope, many powerful telescopes and imaging cameras had been developed and is used in wide varieties in different places. While studying astronomy, schools to make students understand, colleges to give deep understanding on subjects like astronomy and geography, museums and planetariums to give visitors a deep insight about things. Some even keep for the telescope to satisfy their hobby requirements in their free time.


With time the capacity and the varieties of the telescope have been enhanced and have been developed in the new form of telescopes where the camera, spectrograph, charge-coupled device connected with electronic computers, rockets, and spacecraft which can help in easy access.  

The place where the telescopes are used the most gives a very satisfying result and even helps in knowing the universe our Milky Way galaxy in a better way.