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Unistellar - Modern Telescopes is the sole authorized distributor of evScope 2, and one can buy evscope 2 in India only at  Evscope ( eVscope2 ) in India comes with 2 years of replacement warranty. 

  • Integrated Intelligent Image Processing & Light Pollution Reduction

  • Autonomous Field Detection for set-up time under 1 minute

  • Nikon designed eyepiece

  • On-board computer with 35h of observation storage capacity for science missions

  • Motorized alt-az mount

  • Sturdy tripod with extendable legs and integrated level

  • Built-in battery with up to 10 hours battery life


4,33,051 + 18% GST

Buy eVccope 2 in India at Modern Telescopes.

Modern Telescopes is proud to be associated with Unistellar. The low-light, high-resolution sensor captures light from objects located millions of light-years from Earth, and delivers pin-sharp image definition and a wide field of view. Using cutting-edge technologies (Enhanced Vision and Super Resolution), the eVscope 2 reveals deep-sky objects in seconds and allows observers to enjoy, with crisp details, colossal space objects like the majestic Orion nebula.