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  • The eVscope and its motorized alt-az mount

  • A sturdy tripod with extendable legs

  • Built-in battery with up to 10 hours battery life

  • ​FREE control app with contextual information

  • ​Citizen science membership


2,64,000 + 18% GST


Thinking of getting into astrophotography but can’t stand the thought of assembling an expensive and complicated rig? Aimed at would-be astrophotographers, the Unistellar eVscope has instant must-have appeal for anyone attracted by the idea of having photos of deep-sky objects magically delivered to their smartphone from a telescope sitting in a backyard. That’s precisely what the Unistellar eVscope offers plus a chance to take part in some guided live observation nights.

The main trick of the Unistellar eVscope is the electronic eyepiece on the side of the telescope. So as well as astrophotography, you can also have a solo or shared observing session under the stars as you would with the best telescopes.

A reasonably compact device, the Unistellar eVscope is the equivalent of a 114mm/4.5 inch reflector telescope. It's fitted with a 114mm/4.5 inch diameter mirror that has a focal length of 450mm, so a focal ratio of f4. However, instead of having a secondary mirror to produce images for an eyepiece, this smart telescope sends light to a Sony Exmoor IMX224 imaging sensor. It’s all inside a 65cm tube that’s mounted on a motorized Alt-Azimuth arm and motor. Inside that motor is a lithium-ion battery that’s good for nine hours.

100x more powerful than a regular telescope

Enhanced Vision is patented proprietary technology that allows a live observation of faint objects thanks to the live accumulation of the light we receive from them. Galaxies, nebulae and comets finally become visible, colorful and detailed.

Depending on observing conditions (light pollution, moon phase, weather, etc…) and the objects you are pointing, it can take from a few seconds to several tens of seconds for you to start seeing the beautiful colors and shapes of galaxies and nebulae normally invisible, even through the eyepiece of a large conventional telescope.


Autonomous Field Detection

Simple and accurate pointing and tracking

Our system instantly recognizes the objects in its field of view by comparing what it sees with a coordinates database of tens of millions of stars. This allows Unistellar's eVscope automated tracking and pointing system to be extremely accurate and easy to use, making it by far the most user-friendly telescope on the market.

Autonomous Field Detection also allows it to inform you about what you are observing (distance from the Earth, etc.).


Enhanced Vision Technology

With conventional telescopes, faint objects such as nebulae and galaxies are only barely recognisable as faint spots of light. With the eVscope you can simply activate the live stacking. The telescope then shows not only the image from a single moment, but collects light over longer periods of time. After just a few seconds you will see your observing target like through no other telescope of this size. You can watch live as the image becomes more intense and more distinct over the course of a few minutes. The colours and structures of the observing target become clearly recognisable.


Compact and Lightweight

The eVscope fits in a backpack

Light amplification means that a small telescope can also be powerful. Our telescope is so small that you can carry it in a backpack! The eVscope is a perfect grab and go telescope.


Contribute to Space Science

Join the eVscope community

The power of Enhanced Vision and the accuracy of Autonomous Field Detection also make the eVscope a valuable tool to scientists. In partnership with the SETI Institute, connect your eVscope to a network of thousands of eVscope owners around the world and help scientists all the while seeing special astronomical events like exoplanet transits or NEA passing, live, through your eVscope, while they are happening. It's simple.

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