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The anti-dew heater strip is used for anti-dew on the front window of the ASI cooled cameras.

This  kit includes the zip-tie, anti-dew heater strip and an Y power cord.


The thickness of the anti-dew heater strip is 0.2~0.3mm.

The “Y” power cord is designed to connect in-line with the cooler power supply for convenience.

And we recommend a DC adapter giving 12V at 0.35 A  resulting in a heating power on the strip that is around 4.2 watts. You can use one and same power cord to power both the fan and heater simultaneously, but make sure not to exceed recommended amount of Ampere.


NOTE: for many ASI-cameras a heater strip is not necessary since they have one that is build into the cameras itself.

ASI071MC-P/ASI6200/ASI2600/ASI2400 cameras come with anti-dew heater that will heat the protective glass to avoid any dew problems.

For ASI183/ASI1600/ASI294/ASI533 cameras, the heat emitting from the TEC will be conducted to the camera case and avoid any dew problems when TEC cooling system working.

ZWO Anti dew heater strip

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