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ZWO AM5 mount is available with Moden Telescopes, which means you will get superior service, end-of-end training, and guidance from very professional trainers, scientists, and professional astronomers with the purchase of this mount.  


The ZWO EQ/Alt-Azimuth AM5 mount is designed specifically for amateur astrophotographers looking for a lightweight, high-quality mount that can hold their imaging setup securely and help them produce fantastic celestial images. This 11 lb. (5 kg) mount is able to hold up to 28.66 lb. (13 kg.) without a counterweight and 44 lb. (20 kg.) with a counterweight. The included tripod adds to the lightweight and high load capacity ratio by weighing in at 5 lb. with a high load capacity of 110 lb. You can rest assured that this ZWO AM5 mount package will be able to hold your equipment safely while you can capture those celestial views with your camera.


While incredibly portable, the ZWO AM5 Harmonic Equatorial mount comes with many features, like the two control options, harmonic drive speed reducer, synchronous belt, the carbon fiber tripod, and more! This AM5 mount head a must-have accessory for your imaging sessions. Learn more about these features below!


Dual Mount Style
ZWO has designed the AM5 mount with the capability of switching between equatorial or alt-azimuth mount modes. You can switch the mode through the included hand controller or through the app on a smartphone or tablet. The body of the mount comes with a status light indicator that will indicate whether the mount is in an equatorial or alt-azimuth mode. The red light signals the AM5 is in EQ mode and the green light signals the mount is in Alt-azimuth mode. The equatorial mode is great for tracking and imaging celestial objects while the alt-azimuth mode works well for observations.

ZWO AM5 mount

Sales Tax Included
  • When it comes to controlling the AM5 mount, astrophotographers can use the included hand controller or use the WiFi connection and wirelessly control the mount from a smartphone or tablet. Included is a rocker style hand controller. The size of the controller makes it easy to hold and use while the rocker style design allows the mount to be pushed in multiple directions. For the wireless control function, users can utilize the integrated WiFi network emitted by the hand controller and use Tonight's Target, GoTo, Live Preview, and others to pair with the ZWO AM5 mount. Please note that in order to utilize the WiFi, you must plug in the controller to emit the signal.

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