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Vixen Polarie is In India now  ( Made in Japan).


Modern Telescopes proudly presents Vixen Polarie star tracker - made in Japan. Modern Telescopes is the authorized dealer for Vixen in India.


The Polarie Star Tracker from Vixen Optics is an incredibly compact, motorized, tracking mount. The smooth and sleek, visually attractive Polarie attaches to a standard camera tripod with a ball head on one side and a DSLR or smaller camera on the other up to 7 pounds. Point the Polarie north with the integrated compass, use the alignment window by pointing it at Polaris, the North Star, or use an optional polar scope. Star trails and false fuzzies are eliminated in the time exposures of the attached camera as the Polarie tracks the motion of the stars across the celestial dome. Two user-supplied AA batteries can power the unit for ~4 hours or an optional external power supply (not included) can be used. Although, not waterproof, the Polarie is designed to function in most weather conditions. It weighs in at less than an incredible 1½ lbs and is about the size of a paperback book. This is one cool astrophotography star tracker.


  • Can support equipment weighing up to 7 lb (3.2kg)
  • Usable in both Northern and Southern hemispheres
  • Lightweight, compact with ~4 hours of tracking on 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Simple polar alignment options allow camera movement in sync with the night sky
  • Tracking modes; Celestial tracking rate, 1/2 of the celestial tracking rate, Solar tracking rate (mean solar time) or Lunar tracking rate (mean lunar time)
  • The stepping pulse motor of the Polarie has an exceptionally precise movement utilizing a wheel gear of 57.6mm diameter aluminum alloy axis with a full-circle of 144-teeth. The worm gear has a 9mm diameter made from high tension brass and has 2-piece bearings.



  • Ballhead QHD-33, 1 pc.
  • MF screw 3/8, 1 pc.
  • MF screwdriver, 1 pc.
  • Allen wrench 4mm, 1 pc.

Vixen Optics Polarie Star Tracker

Sales Tax Included
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