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Pier Extension Compatibility

This pier extension has been designed by ZWO to fit their AM5 mount. We have no additional info for compatibility with other non-ZWO mounts. Please use the product photos/measurements above to determine if it might fit your non-ZWO mount.

If you have used this extension successfuly with other mounts (with or without modifications), or even if it did not work with your mount, we would appreciate your feedback. Compatibility with non-ZWO mounts gleaned from customer feedback, user reviews, or other online sources are posted in the "Useful Resources" section below the item description on this page.

Product Details

The Pier Extension for AM5 Mount PE200

Multi-functional, easy to install, large load capacity

Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Stable and large load capacity

Features great capacities of high-temperature resistance and wear resistance. Durable and hard to deform.

Simple Installation

Provides out-of-the-box functionality

Simplifies the whole installation process to one step. Just tighten the locking knob!

Wide Range of Capabilities

Works with other tripods

Not only suitable for the ZWO carbon fiber tripod, also can be used with the 1.75-inch steel tripods from iOptron and Sky-Watcher, and with the 2-inch tripod for Celestron Advanced VX mount.

Artistic Appearance

Dark black tone with a matte surface

The matte surface brings a great comfortable texture. And the color match of the dark black pier extension and red ZWO mount is just classic and perfect as usual!


  • Weight: 1.6kg
  • Product size: Φ124x200
  • Load: ≤50kg
  • Packing size: 185x185x260
  • Manufacturing process: CNC craft

ZWO Pier Extension for AM5 Mount PE200

Sales Tax Included
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