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Modern Telescopes, India's largest telescope store proud to present world class mounts from .Rainbow Astro South Korea.


Below are key features :-


  • Counterweights Not Required

  • Only 3.3kg weight

  • Capacity 13.5kg (max 18kg)

  • Strain Wave Gear (Harmonic Drive)

  • Best for air travel

  • 5-years warranty



Super small and lightweight :-


The mount weighs only 3.3kg. Plus, it fits in one hand, so you don’t need a big bag for the mount.


Counterweights Not Required


Counterweights not required. Of course, no effort is required to balance.


Strain Wave Gear(Harmonic Drive)


Instead of worm gears, a new type of reducer called strain wave gear (harmonic drive) is used. Almost no backlash and no maintenance is required. As it is widely used in industrial robots, it is very durable.


CNC Machining

CNC machined aluminum alloy AL6061 is used for aircraft. That’s why it’s small, light and stiff. The beauty of the machined surface increases the collection value.




WiFi is built in. You can control the mount via the SkySafari app on your smartphone. Ascom Driver can be connected via WiFi as well as USB. GOTO and AutoGuide are now wireless.


GPS Receiver

GPS receiver is built in. The position and time of the observer can be entered accurately and conveniently.


Home Sensor

There is a built-in home sensor to find the mechanical origin. This is useful for permanently using Star Alignment data. Build an ultra-small remote observatory with the RST-135 mount.


RST-135 Weightless Mount

Sales Tax Included
  • Features Specification
    Mount type Dual mount – German Equatorial, Alt-Azimuth
    Reducer Strain wave gear (Harmonic Drive)
    Load Capacity 13.5kg(without counter weight), 18kg(with counter weight)
    Recommend Telescope 8inch Reflector, 5inch Refractor
    Weight 3.3kg
    Volume 14.4 x 13.1 x 19.5 cm
    Material Aluminum alloy AL6061, Steel, Brass
    Surface coating Anodizing
    Reducer size(RA) Model No. 17 (Based on HDS)
    Reducer size(DEC) Model No. 14 (Based on HDS)
    Motor Swiss made Maxon DC Servo Motor
    Latitude range 0 to 90 degrees
  • Features Specification
    Max Slew Rate 1,800x (7.5deg/sec) – 16V DC
    Input Power DC 12V ~ 16V
    Power Consumption(Tracking, 12V) 0.2A
    Power Consumption (Slew, 12V) 1.0~2.0A
    PC Connection ASCOM Driver
    GPS Built-in (Hand Controller)
    WiFi Built-in (Hand Controller)
    Home Sensor Built-in
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