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The ASIAIR Mini from ZWO is the smallest, most compact ASIAIR yet. Compared to the ASIAIR Plus, the Mini is 42% smaller and 21% lighter, making transportation and setup a breeze.

Control your astrophotography imaging setup wirelessly with the ASIAIR Mini! The ASIAIR Mini from ZWO includes four 12V DC outputs and four USB2 ports to connect and power multiple devices. The included app allows for wireless control of your setup in addition to monitoring all vital system processes, such as real-time temperature, current monitor, voltage monitor, wifi settings, and connected devices.


The ASIAIR Mini handles the image capture process from start to finish. This includes focusing, polar alignment, autoguiding and more! Even a budding astrophotographer can get up and running quickly with this mini device. Made of CNC machined aluminum, this device is dew and dust resistant.


Powerful connectivity in a modest frame!

When attached to your imaging system, this small powerhouse allows for control of DSLR or ASI cameras wirelessly through your phone or tablet. This allows for imaging from the comfort of your home, car, or tent!

The newly released 2.0 version of the mobile app for the ASIAIR further increases the value and functionality of your unit. Improvements include support for additional cameras, improved user experience for iPad users, better optimized features, and fixes several known bugs. It is available for download from the Apple Store or Google Play.

The Smallest, Most Portable ASIAIR Yet
The ASIAIR Mini is the smallest, most compact, most lightweight entry in the ZWO ASIAIR line of wi-fi controllers. The ASIAIR Mini retains almost all the functionality of the ASIAIR Plus, but in a form factor that is 42% smaller and 21% lighter. This means easier and faster transport and setup. Less weight also means it takes up less payload capacity of your mount and tripod!

Monitor Power and More with the App
Control your astrophotography setup wirelessly through your Android or Apple phone or tablet. The included app supports control of your devices as well as advanced power monitoring. Now you can see all the important data points at a glance, including real-time temperature, current, voltage, connected devices, wifi connection status, and total power consumption. Supports iOS 12 and above, iPhone 6 and above, and Android 8 and above on phones and tablets with at least 4GB of RAM.

Attach Multiple Devices with an Abundance of Ports
The value in this class of devices resides largely in the ports, which allow for expanded functionality. Despite its small form factor, the ASIAIR Mini does not dissappoint! The ASIAIR Mini has four 12V DC outputs for the connection of cameras, mounts, dew heaters, and other accessories. It also includes four USB2.0 ports to support additional accessories. Lastly, the Mini includes a DSLR shutter release port and a USB-C port for wired PC connectivity. Indicators for power, wifi network status, and system I/O status are also built-in!



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