The Space Eye 700 Mars Viewer 70mm f/10 Alt-Az Refractor Telescope from Vixen Optics is intended to introduce viewers to astronomy by giving them a complete setup for viewing the Moon, planets, and meteor showers. Its manual alt-azimuth mount has an altitude lock to help track objects and reduce vibrations. Two eyepieces provide 35x and 117x magnifications for wide field low-power observation with the ability to make detailed observations of features such as lunar craters.


An adjustable-height aluminum tripod provides a stable observational platform, and the included 90° erect-image diagonal makes looking through the scope more comfortable, especially when aiming the telescope toward the zenith. The diagonal's prism corrects images horizontally and vertically, allowing the scope to be used for terrestrial viewing as well. An integrated dew-shield helps to prevent condensation on the outside of the objective lens, while blocking stray peripheral light from interfering with celestial observations.


Vixen Optics Space Eye 700 Specs
Optical Design    Refractor
Aperture    70mm
Focal Length    700mm
Focal Ratio    f/10
Eyepiece Barrel Diameter    1.25"
Diagonal    90° erect-image
Finderscope    6 x 24
Tripod    Two-section aluminum
Adjustable Height: 27.5 - 50.0" / 69.9 - 127.0 cm
Mount Type    Manual alt-az with dual axis slow motion control
Power Source    None
Optical Tube Dimensions    Not specified by manufacturer
Weight    9.0 lb / 4.1 kg

Vixen Space Eye 70/700 Refractor Telescope

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