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Our new high performance Aluma® CCD Series cameras offer capabilities and features not available in any other scientific-grade imaging camera.  This lightweight (2.2 lbs) and compact (4.5″ x 4.5″ x 4″ with handles) camera includes two-stage cooling, USB 2.0 interface, ultra-reliable even-illumination shutter, and fast low-noise readout.

The Aluma CCD series supports a wide range of accessories, including the 8-position FW8S-Aluma filter wheel with micron-level filter positioning, StarChaser SC-2 off-axis guide camera, and AO-8A Adaptive Optics accessory.

The Aluma CCD814 has a high-sensitivity, low-noise 9 megapixel CCD sensor with 3.69 micron pixels.  It is ideal for taking high spatial resolution, long duration exposures with minimal amp glow, dark current, and noise.  It also includes the ability to perform high ratio analog binning, which is important for applications such as spectroscopy.

Aluma CCD is a new generation of research cameras tuned for even better performance. Over two years of collaboration with university researchers helped us bring you an enhanced new Aluma CCD series that represent the best value in a high-performance mid-sized 16-bit CCD detector. We have carefully refined the camera electronics for improved performance, minimum amp glow, and low noise.  Using SONY’s best-in-class CCDs, you’ll get the precision and ultra-clean images of a CCD with the sensitivity of CMOS technology.


SBIG Aluma CCD814

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  • OAG Option




    Sensor Size

    12.48 mm x 9.98 mm

    Pixel Size


    Total Pixels

    9 million pixels

    Imaging / Pixel Array

    3388 x 2712

    Imaging Sensor


    Full Well Capacity

    15,000 e-

    Dark Current e-/p/s

    0.025 e-/p/s typical

    Filter Wheel Option



    Mechanical, Even-illumination


    12 VDC, 5A max

    Adaptive Optics Option


    Pixel Digitization Rate

    8 MPix/sec

    Computer Interface

    USB 2.0


    0.001 sec minimum

    Cooling Delta

    50 °C

    Read Noise (typ)

    4.5 e- typical

    A/D Converter

    16 bits


    2.2 lbs

    Filter Size

    36mm / 1.25"

    Full Frame Download

    ~1 sec via USB, ~ 8 sec via WiFi

    Temperature Regulation


    Peak QE


    Binning Modes

    Horizontal 1, 2, 3, 4; Vertical 1-255

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