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Combines versatility, simplicity and affordability by combining all the technology of our observatory class telescopes into a compact stand-alone mount. In its Alt/Az configuration it is considerably more compact than its equatorial counterpart, allowing a larger telescope to fit in a smaller enclosure. Unlike traditional German Equatorial mounts, there are no meridian flips to deal with, and no large protruding counterweights to create a dangerous hazard in a public observatory. Alt/Az is more intuitive to use and no polar alignment is needed. Besides, it is the way the pros do it! For added flexibility, the L-Series mounts can be installed in either Alt/Az, or equatorial mode with the optional wedge accessory.


  • Load capacity of 200 lbs (90 kg)
  • Direct-drive motors on each axis for smooth, fast, and virtually silent movement of the telescope
  • Slew speeds up to 50 degrees per second
  • High resolution encoders on each axis for precise positioning
  • Zero backlash
  • Zero periodic error
  • PointXP mount modeling software
  • Enclosed electronics
  • Through the mount cabling


Direct drive motors and encoders
Direct Drive motors and on-axis encoders eliminate the need for  gears, thereby eliminating backlash and periodic error. With high-resolution encoders providing the feedback for the direct drive motors, not only will the telescope track without periodic error and backlash, the mount will also counter wind gusts with precise servo feedback.    


Incredible Slew Speed
The direct drive motors can move the telescope at speeds up to 50 degrees per second for tracking satellites or just to minimize target acquisition time.    

Dual mounting bracket
PlaneWave style mounting bracket to hold CDK17/20 onto inside of fork arm with additional option of mounting a scope on the outside of the fork arm. Optional dovetail clamp required.    

Azimuth dovetail balance system
For precise center of gravity balance whether in Alt-Az or Equatorial configuration    

Through the mount cabling
Access panels in the fork arm and azimuth axis allow for camera equipment cabling through the inside of the mount.    

Proven CDK700/PW1000 Technology
The L-Series uses the same proven technology as the CDK700 and 1-Meter PW1000 which are being used in Universities round the world.

PlaneWave L-500 Direct Drive Mount

Sales Tax Included
  • Mount System

    Type Alt-Azimuth / Equatorial Direct Drive Mount
    Weight 257 lbs (100 kg)
    Component Weights Azimuth Base – 121 lbs, Fork Arm – 136 lbs
    Max. Load Capacity 200 lbs (91 kg)
    Latitude Range 0 to 90 degrees, Northern and Southern hemispheres
    Cable Management Equipment cables can be wired through mount
    Swing-Through Length (From Altitude Axis) 25.62″

    Control System

    Control Electronics PlaneWave Interface dual axis telescope control
    User Interface PlaneWave Interface 4 (PWI4) Control Software with integrated PointXP mount modeling software
    Homing Sensors Home position sensors are included allowing the mount can find its home position on power up.
    Slew Rate 20 degrees per second (standard); 50 degrees per second (maximum), both axes
    Power Requirement Accepts 120 to 240 VAC. Supplied with 120 VAC 15A IEC Type B Regulated Power Adapter.

    Motion Control

    Motor Control Industrial grade brushless motor control system and built in electronics
    Motor – Azimuth and Altitude Direct Drive 3 Phase Axial-Flux Torque Motors
    Encoder – Azimuth and Altitude 152mm stainless steel encoder ring with reader built into the azimuth and altitude axes. 18,880,000 counts per revolution (0.069 arcsecond resolution).
    Motor Torque Approximately 20 ft-lbs continuous; 50 ft-lbs peak
    Drive Electronics Industrial grade, off-the-shelf brushless motor drives for each axis with custom designed interface card
    Telescope Control Software PlaneWave Interface (PWI4). Incorporates PointXP mount modeling software by Dave Rowe. Provides HTTP and ASCOM control interfaces.

    System Performance

    Pointing Accuracy <10 arcsecond RMS with PointXP Model
    Pointing Precision

    2 arcseconds at sidereal velocity

    Tracking Accuracy

    < 0.3 arcseconds over a 5 minute period at sidereal velocity

    System Natural Frequency 10 Hz or greater
  • Hardware Six 1/2-13 x 1 1/4″ socket head cap screws to bolt the mount to the pier, or wedge


    Six 1/2-13 washers

    One extended length shoulder bolt for RA axis to EQ wedge alignment

    One 16′ USB cable To connect the mount to the observatory control computer
    One 120VAC power cable To provide power to the mount
    Standard Allen Key set For tightening bolts used on the mount
    Flashdrive Contains PWI4 software for mount control and instructions for installation
    3/8 Socket Used for operating the RA balance leadscrew on the mount
    Gamepad Used for control of the mount tracking speeds for visual observing
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