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Modern Telescopes - India's largest telescope store  is the authorized distributor of software bisque and you can buy all software bisque products in India at

Paramount MX is goto EQ mount sold by Modern Telescopes in India.


The Paramount MX+ delivers superior performance made possible through its artful integration of precision mechanics, advanced control system electronics, and the uniquely capable Paramount Software Suite (included).


Skillfully carrying up to 100 pounds (45 kg) of telescopes, cameras, and accessories, the Paramount MX+ can help you create your next astrophoto masterpiece, or exciting astronomical discovery, at home, or on the go.


Hardware Specifications

  • 100 lb. (45 kg) total instrument capacity, 200 lb. (90 kg) instruments plus counterweights
  • Unibody mount design weighs 50 lb. (23 kg)
  • Maximum 7 arcseconds peak-to-peak periodic error before correction
  • Calibrated polar alignment adjustments
  • Fourth-generation telescope control system (TCS) combines state-of-the-art electronics with field-tested reliability
  • Belt-driven gears with spring loaded worm to gear interface results in virtually zero backlash
  • Ample space for additional through the mount cabling
  • All standard electronics and through the mount wiring are housed inside the mount
  • Includes a versatile equipment mounting plate (Versa-Plate) that accepts any telescope
  • Two port USB 2.0 hub on the Instrument Panel
  • Power supply and PC to mount cabling included
  • 30 arcsecond all sky pointing accuracy using TPoint telescope modeling software
  • Clutch-free design maintains the TPoint assisted pointing accuracy


Software Specifications

  • Includes the Paramount Software Suite (featuring TheSky™ Imaging edition and more).  The USB thumb drive comes with installers that are compatible with macOS, Windows and Linux (ARM32, ARM64, and x86_64 architectures).
  • Software features ProTrack™, Direct Guide™ (guider cable free autoguiding), TPoint Super Model™,
    All Sky Image Link™, Closed Loop Slew, @Focus™ automated focus, periodic error curve fitting,
    permanent periodic error correction, live stacking, dithering and more
  • The Multi-OS Plus module lets you install and use TheSky on all your computers and operating systems while maintaining its familiar look and feel.

Paramount MX+ GEM

Sales Tax Included
  • Included Item Description
    Paramount™ MX+ Robotic Mount German equatorial mount body.

    Versa-Plate™ Mounting


    Attached to Paramount mount body during

    shipping, the Versa-Plate telescope

    mounting plate securely holds your telescope.

    Use either the integrated Losmandy D dovetail or the grid of mounting holes to attach

    telescope mounting rings.

    USB Cable 4.6 m (15-foot) USB 2.0 mini-b USB cable.
    Power Supply Unit (PSU)

    Input: 100-240V AC ~50/60 Hz. Output: 221 W

    max. 48V DC 4.6A max.

    PSU Cable

    6-ft. long power cable with a NEMA 5-15 male






    Hand paddle includes lanyard, variable rate switch, integrated red-light flashlight, integrated joystick for homing and “at the telescope” control
    Counterweight Shaft

    The 16 in. (41 cm) long x 1.5-in. stainless-steel

    counterweight shaft holds up to six 9 kg (20 lb.) counterweights.

    Counterweights Two 9 kg (20 lb.) stainless steel counterweights are included and can balance about 18-22 kg (40-50 lb.) of instruments.

    Heavier payloads will require more counterweights. You may need to purchase additional counterweights if your imaging system weighs more

    than about 22 kg (50 lb.).

    Counterweight Safety


    This knob is installed at the end of the

    counterweight shaft to prevent the

    counterweights from sliding off.


    Paramount User Guide

    The 200+ page user guide contains in-depth

    instructions for setting up and using your

    Paramount ME II mount.


    Paramount Software

    Quick Start

    The quick start guide helps get your software

    installed and serial numbers registered.

    Paramount Software


    The 32-GB thumb drive includes installers for TheSky Imaging Edition on macOS, Ubuntu Linux (running on ARM32, ARM64 or x86_64 architectures) and Microsoft Windows.

    Through the Mount

    Cable Tie

    One 12-inch plastic cable tie that can be used to

    help run cables through the mount.

    Hex Key Set Thirteen piece Imperial hex key set.

    Strain Relief USB

    Cable Kit

    USB extension cable and cable clip protect the

    control system’s USB port.

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