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This amazing 2” Barlow Lens with 2X magnification from GSO - TAIWAN uses a high quality ED Doublet lens design with one high index glass element featuring an unconventional partial dispersion in order to provide apochromatic performance.

Despite being available at an affordable price, this barlow offers superb color correction, along with blackened lens edges for maximum contrast. In general, this high quality barlow is an excellent option for anyone in need of a premium ED APO 2 Element Barlow Lens.

As an added bonus, the lens element cell can be detached from the barlow body and installed on most 2” eyepieces, providing a 1.5X enhancement in magnification.

GSO ED 2x Barlow Lens 2 inch

Sales Tax Included
    • The doublet lens design enables premium Apochromatic (APO) functionality
    • All air-to-glass surfaces are fully broadband coated for maximum resolution
    • Includes a zero height 2" to 1.25" adapter and 2" internal threads for astronomy filters
    • Brass compression rings on both the 2" barlow and the included 1.25" adapter prevent marring
    • Blackened internal lens edges maximize image contrast
    • Barrel is threaded to accept 48mm filters
  • Usability Compatible with 1.25" and 2" eyepieces
    Brass Compress Ring for both 1.25" and 2" eyepieces
    Fully Multi-Coated YES
    Element 2-Element ED Barlow
    Lens Type ED
    Size 50.8 mm, 2"
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