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Quick Overview

  • Premium 2" diagonal with durable dielectric coatings for long lifetime
  • 99% reflectivity across visible spectrum and 1/12-wave BK7 mirror for bright and true images
  • All-metal body with chrome barrel threaded for standard 2" filters
  • Comes with 2"-1.25" eyepiece adapter for maximum flexibility
  • Includes foam-fitted storage box and end caps

Product Details

GSO's 2" refractor diagonal features dielectric coatings with 99% reflectivity across the visible spectrum and a 1/12 wave BK7 mirror. The all metal diagonal body is CNC machined. The combined result is a superb diagonal offering excellent mechanical and optical quality at a great price. Dielectric coatings are more durable than regular or enhanced aluminum coatings, so you will enjoy years of excellent performance from this product. Diagonals with comparable quality and specifications often sell for $150 or more in today's astronomy market.

The 2" chrome barrel of this diagonal on the telescope end is threaded to accept standard 2" filters. A 1.25"-2" adapter is included so you can use this diagonal with 1.25" or 2" eyepieces. The 1.25" and 2" holders both feature a brass compression ring, so your eyepiece barrels will not be scratched by the set screw. The 1.25"-2" adapter is also threaded to accept 2" filters. The clear aperture is 46.6mm.

The diagonal comes in a very nice foam-fitted storage box and includes 2 end caps. Weight = 1lb-3oz. (with 1.25" adapter); 1lb. (without 1.25" adapter). Made in Taiwan.

Please note: Even though the eyepiece holder and the 2" nosepiece of this diagonal have standard SCT (2"x24TPI) threads that will work with other SCT threaded items, the threads on the body of the diagonal are NOT standard SCT threads. The thread diameter on the diagonal body is 2" but the thread pitch is very slightly different (not 24TPI) and has not been specified. GSO ensures that these components that they machine fit together, but SCT-threaded adapters from other brands will not thread on properly or at all to GSO's 2" diagonal bodies in most cases due to this marginally different thread pitch.

Other Information

GSO - 2" 99% Dielectric Mirror Diagonal CNC

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