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Buy  GSO  10 " RC telescope in India only at, India's largest telescope store.


GSO RC OTA is an optical tube dedicated to astrophotography. A real Ritchey-Chretien system with full correction of coma and astigmatism, which is the most valued optical construction among astronomical telescopes. In this type of telescopes, two hyperbolic mirrors are used that completely eliminate coma and astigmatism, and the lack of correctors and lenses means no chromatic aberration.

The RC system has been designed primarily for use in astrophotography. Its originators and implementers of the first projects: American George Ritchey and Frenchman Henri Chrétien, created a perfect optical system, free of coma - the most common defect, occurring in practically all headlamps. The use of hyperbolic mirrors has eliminated this disadvantage, and as a mirror construction, the RCT system does not exhibit chromatic aberrations typical of catadioptric systems.


• very favorable combination of aperture, quality, weight and price - an optical system based on hyperbolic mirrors ensures no chromatic aberration and coma while maintaining high resolution, relatively low weight and at a very low price
• the fastest optics cooling in its class - the open design of RC tubes cools approximately 2 times faster compared to closed tubes Maksutov and SCT with the same aperture
• no problems with the dew - most often the sediment settles on the meniscus of catadioptric tubes and refractor lenses; RC tube does not have a meniscus, so condensation of dew on optics is an extremely rare event
• high contrast - the interior of the tube has a lot of baffles (diaphragm) and is dull blackened, which eliminates the blistering rays and the resulting glare
• quartz master mirror - accuracy: not less than 1/12 ?, dielectric coatings giving a reflection of light 99%

Technical parameters

• Ritchey-Chretien optical system
• Diameter of the mirror: 250 mm
• focal length: 2000 mm
• lighted: f / 8
• the weight of the tube: 15.9 kg
• extension weight (combined): 780 g
• optical tube length: 62 cm without extractor / 73 cm with extractor
• length of optical tube with extensions: 72 cm / 77 cm with extended max. Gd cut ?
• range of the extract: 5 cm
• Outside diameter of the tube from the front: 29.5 cm


• 2 x dovetail in the Losmanda standard
• Crayford 3 "/ 2" / 1.25 "modular eyepiece extractor with 10: 1 microchip, with an extension of 5 cm, graduation
• lids on the front and back of the tube
• extensions to the extractor (2 x 2.5 cm optical length, 1 x 5 cm optical length, passage 77.5 mm)

    GSO 10 " F/8 Ritchey-Chrétien Telescope

    Sales Tax Included
      • Aperture 10" / 254mm.......Focal Length 2000mm
      • f/8 is faster than a 10" SC or Mak
      • illuminated field is much bigger
      • you can attach 2" eyepieces and full size SLR/DSLR cameras without vignetting
      • two hyperboloidical mirrors with 96% reflectivity lead to a bright image
      • faster cool-down time and no dew problems because of open tube design without front correcting plate
      • enough back focus for all kinds of accessories like correctors and reducers
      • 3" MONORAIL Focuser with better stability
      • Less dew problems against Schmidt Cassegrain or similar
      • fixed mirrors and 2" Crayford focuser with 1:10 dual speed transmission - no problems with mirror shift
      • A rotatable, machined dual-speed (10:1) Crayford focuser equipped with a sturdy linear-bearing provides precise focus adjustment without slippage or flexure with heavy astrophotography accessories attached
      • Features one dovetail finder scope bases and includes one 2" and two 1" focus extension rings so you can adjust focus position for various imaging cameras and accessories Computer optimized internal baffle system
      • 8" RC f/8 Astrograph is designed for full illumination of the "35mm format" (24 x 36mm).
      • 10" f/8 RC astrograph telescope is perfect for astrophotography but also visual observing. The telescope is fitted with a stable 3" M-LRN focuser.
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