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  • 102mm aperture is ideal for getting excellent views of deep sky favorites.
  • Doublet design uses a pairing of glass lenses separated by a cushion of air to minimize chromatic aberrations.
  • Twilight Nano alt-azimuth mount has a panhandle control that makes it easy to position the telescope.
  • Mount is lightweight but can still hold up to 15lbs of equipment.
  • Full size tripod includes accessory tray to keep eyepieces handy and provide additional stability.
  • Model comes with a 25mm Plössl eyepiece, a 90° diagonal for more comfortable viewing and a red dot viewfinder to aid in object location.
  • Built-in dew shield slows moisture build-up on the objective lens and reduces interference from ambient light.
  • Included adapter helps observers use their smart device to capture and share images.

EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC 102/600 Doublet Refractor

Sales Tax Included
  • Lens Coatings Fully Multi Coated
    Magnification 150X
    Focal Length 600
    Focal Ratio f/5.88
    Adapter 40mm draw tube focuser
    Optical Diameter 102mm
    Eyepiece (Included)

    25 mm Plössl

    10 mm Plössl

    Mount Type Twilight Nano Alt/Az mount
    • 102mm refractor telescope
    • Twilight Nano Mount
    • Smartphone Adapter
    • 40mm draw tube focuser
    • 1.25" 90° Diagonal
    • One 25 mm Plössl Eyepiece
    • One 10 mm Plössl Eyepiece
    • Red Dot Viewfinder
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