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The Celestron LandScape 20-60x80A belongs to the Spotting scope type, it has a design quite similar to a telescope but is more compact and portable, the optical system is supplemented with an internal inverting prism to help the image is always forward when observing the ground.

With superior magnification compared to conventional binoculars, which can be adjusted from 15x to 45x, the outstanding use of Celestron LandScape 20-60x80A is to observe nature, birds, hunting; serve in sporting events or place in places with high locations, beautiful scenery like tall buildings to observe the surrounding scenery ...

Due to the large objective (80mm diameter) plus Fully-Coated anti-reflective coating technology, the amount of light obtained through Celestron LandScape 20-60x80A is very good, the image is very bright, clear and clear, and the quality and The resolution of the image is always guaranteed when increasing the magnification, therefore, Celestron LandScape 20-60x80A is very useful when observing the scenery in the afternoon, sunset or night.

With a rubber-coated metal body, sturdy design, easy to use, resistant to water and dew (this is a great advantage compared to the telescope), Celestron LandScape 15-4520-60x80A is very suitable. for long trips ...

In addition to the above uses, the Celestron LandScape 20-60x80A can completely replace a new telescope for beginners to observe the sky.
Technical Features
  • Magnification: from 20 to 60 times
  • Object diameter: 80mm
  • Focus objective: 480mm
  • Eye distance: 18-21mm
  • Field of view: 1.65 ° - 1.83 - --- o
  • Minimum observation distance: 10m
  • Glass material for prism: BaK-4
  • Anti-reflective coating: Multi-Coated
  • Waterproof: Yes


Sales Tax Included
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