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Modern Telescopes is India's largest telescope store proud to announe Baader-planetarium's Q-Turret eyepiece set.


This set of eyepiece turret, four 1.25-inch eyepieces, Barlow lens and storage box combines four high-quality fixed focal length eyepieces with the comfort of zoom eyepieces. At the same time, it is also an excellent alternative to the cheap eyepiece cases that are offered with many telescopes. With this set of eyepieces you can choose between four magnifications with one turn. When not in use, the eyepieces and turret can be removed from the telescope in one piece and stowed in the padded metal box. This keeps your observation area tidy and you don't need any additional storage space.

The four eyepieces are graded in such a way that they give useful magnifications on most telescopes; the corresponding Barlow fills in the gaps without providing double magnifications. The 32mm Plössl eyepiece shows the largest possible field of view that can be achieved with 1.25" eyepieces, and the three orthoscopic eyepieces provide high-contrast images even at high magnifications.

For many entry-level telescopes, eyepiece cases are recommended, which contain various cheap eyepieces, a Barlow lens and a set of color filters. These sets may be enough for the first glimpse of the stars, but will be replaced quite soon if you stick to the hobby. Cheap eyepieces have only a simple coating, so sharpness and contrast suffer. Even a Barlow lens must meet high optical standards, after all, it should achieve the highest possible magnification. With simple Barlow lenses, the image becomes only dull and muddy. Often they also provide magnifications that are already achieved with other eyepieces of the set. Also, the color filters, which are included with many eyepiece sets, are usually only of low quality. Without high-quality coating and optical quality, the image suffers, and no additional details become visible on the planets.

Don't forget that the eyepiece is half the optics: without good eyepieces, the best telescope is useless.

The philosophy behind the Q-Turret eyepiece set

The set was put together as a sensible alternative to the cheap eyepiece sets. Instead of quantity in the form of pointless accessories, it relies on quality in the form of selected, high-quality parts. All parts are also sold separately. The eyepieces are manufactured in German quality standards and with German quality control. They upgrade entry-level telescopes and also fit expensive telescopes.



  • Consisting of: eyepieces Classic Ortho 6,10,18 mm/Plössl 32mm, each with eyecups with foldable side lens hood), 2.25x Q-Barlow, quadruple eyepiece turret (Q-Turret), a spacer sleeve to extend the eye relief, Baader-Astro Box #1 (M31)
  • The eyepieces offer a pure white image with exceptional sharpness and contrast, 50° field of view, sharp field apertures, parfocal, true high transmission (HT) and multiple coating on all air-glass surfaces
  • Maximum ease of use and (in combination with the Barlow lens) a wide range of magnifications in one set: 2.7mm, 4.6mm, 6mm, 8mm, 14mm, 18mm, 32mm



Baader Q-Turret eyepiece Set

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