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Modern Telescopes is the authorized distributor of Baader-Planetarium. 


The eyepiece is half the optics of a telescope - if you really want to push your telescope to the limit, good mid-range eyepieces reach their limits. The Morpheus eyepieces offer a sharp image up to the edge of the 76° field of view. The brightness and the richness of contrast open up a new dimension in eyepiece construction, these eight-lens eyepieces with Phantom Coating Group convince in planetary observation as well as on deep sky objects - also as a photographic projective.®®


The Morpheus wide-angle eyepieces with 4.5 to 17.5 mm focal length are the perfect complement to your overview eyepieces: Even at high magnifications, they each provide a larger, excellently surveyed section of the sky than is claimed for many other eyepieces with over 80 degrees of field of view. You see your targets wonderfully embedded in the stellar environment. In addition, due to the large field of (Dobsonian) telescopes without tracking, you can take much more time when changing eyepieces. All Morpheus eyepieces have 1.25" and 2" connectors with safety kerf safety grooves. On (Newtonian) telescopes with low focus position, a 2"/11/4" reducer is unnecessary, because the 2" receptacle integrated into the eyepiece body saves approx. 21 mm focus distance.®®

For observation with a binocular approach, there are no more suitable eyepieces, which have been so consistently designed for use with a Bino at the same field angle, avoiding vignetting and due to their shape and low weight. The built-in lenses are extremely large in relation to the slim outer diameter, so that even with very narrow eye relief with Bino a pleasant view is guaranteed. You will not find an eyepiece with a comparable "space float effect". With binocular insight, the edge of the visual field apparently disappears and one feels suspended in space. The field of view becomes visible even if the eye relief is too large. This is a sought-after eyepiece property, especially for public observatories, in order to be able to offer inexperienced visitors a reliable observation success.

Just like the modular Hyperion eyepiece series with 68° field of view, the 76° Morpheus eyepiece series is particularly suitable for photography, among other things because the distortion is much lower than with the Hyperion eyepieces despite the larger field angle. The M43/T-2 Photo/Video Adapter #2958080 also fits all Morpheus eyepieces. With this optional M43/T-2 connection ring, you can use virtually any DSLR or system camera for classic eyepiece projection via the worldwide established system of T-2 bayonet rings and mount the eyepiece in front of the camera instead of a lens at the correct projection distance. For the so-called afocal eyepiece projection, an M43/SP54 extension ring is available, with the help of which each Morpheus eyepiece can necessarily be mounted so close to the lens of a large photo lens by means of the Baader SP54 adapter rings that both lens surfaces almost touch. It is precisely this precise distance control that causes good illumination of the camera sensor during afocal projection.®®®®®


Modern Telescopes, the largest telescope store in India proud to present Morpheus eyepeice range in India


  • Sharp stars to the edge: The extremely sharp, 76° leveled field of view without noticeable distortion is unsurpassed by any other modern wide-angle eyepiece in image quality. Sharpness and contrast in the center of the image rival our best planetary eyepieces ever built, the Zeiss Abbe ZAO I and ZAO II.
  • Long eye relief, suitable for bino: continuous ~ 20 mm eye relief and an optical construction calculated for this effect cause the famous "space walk feeling", overwhelmingly especially binocular on the Bino.
  • 2" and 11/4" receptacle with safety grooves, integrated in a slim eyepiece body of 55 mm diameter, allows binocular observation even with children.
  • Housing made entirely of hard aluminum, with UV-stabilized anodizing in industrial quality, surrounds 8 lenses, each with one ED and two Lantanum substrates.
  • Photo/video adaptation: all Morpheus eyepieces produce excellent projection eyepieces for photography using the M43 SONY/Panasonic video/photo thread.®


Extensive scope of delivery:

Metal / Rubber - Eyecup: A metal ring with M43 thread is incorporated into the folding eyecup. This makes a soft and supple eyecup possible, which can also be firmly screwed to the eyepiece

M43 extension: all Morpheus eyepieces include an M43/M43 extension tube #2954250. This is used for extended adjustment of the eye relief as well as for connecting cameras with M43 thread (e.g. Sony / Panasonic). The outer surface also serves as a holding cylinder for smartphone holders.

Eyepiece holster: The holster bag with loop protects the eyepiece and can be used as a belt bag or attached to the tripod.

Focal length index clips: attaches to the eyepiece holster and one or more of the six brackets is bent upwards according to the focal length used. So you can find the desired eyepiece at night without looking and without a flashlight.

"Winged" lens hood: Soft and supple rubber eyecup with foldable side lens. Excellent stray light protection for binocular observation.


Baader Morpheus Wide Angle Eyepiece [4.5,6.5,9,12.5,14,17.5]

Sales Tax Included
    • Sharp stars to the edge: The 76° field of view is unsurpassed by any other modern wide-angle eyepiece in terms of sharpness over the entire flat field. Sharpness and contrast on the axis correspond to the optical performance of Zeiss Abbe II eyepieces, but over a dramatically larger field of view. Even at fast telescopes, the stars remain pin-sharp even at a great distance from the center of the image, without disturbing field curvature
    • Long eye relief: With the Morpheus, you can observe more comfortably than ever before with wide-angle eyepieces - they combine almost 20mm eye relief with the best optical performance in their class. Spectacle wearers can see the entire field of view, and at the binocular base you can enjoy the ultimate viewing experience with the Morpheus.®®
    • Minimal distortion: The very elaborate design of the Morpheus allows an exceptionally low angle distortion. Thus, the moon and planets are not distorted as they travel through the field of view, and the fields of view really correspond to the theoretically calculated value. Many manufacturers like to exaggerate the apparent field of view and use the edge distortion constructively in order to be able to specify a large "apparent" field of view in advertising. You will see that the sight really fits what focal length and field of vision suggest.®
    • Spacewalk feeling: We have tested numerous eyepiece types ourselves and paid attention to the wishes and impressions of other observers. We noticed that the requirements for wide-angle eyepieces cannot be reduced to the pure field of vision. Immersion in the universe - the "spacewalk" feeling - does not occur evenly in all eyepieces. Some 82° eyepieces have a restrictive effect, while others - sometimes even with a smaller field of view! - has the feeling of being right between the stars. We have found that two other factors play a role: the eye relief (for this the greatly enlarged eye lens of the Morpheus is absolutely necessary) and a pleasant insight behavior without "kidney bean effect" (this results from a combination of large eye relief and an optical construction tolerant to the involuntary pupil movement). However, we also realized that this spacewalk effect no longer occurs at a field of view well below 74°, because the visual field boundary then becomes too perceptible. With this knowledge, we developed the Morpheus eyepiece with 76° field of view, which meets all the necessary requirements to enable a real spacewalk feeling without disturbing image field edge. Especially when used on binocular approaches, you have the feeling of being completely immersed in what is happening.®®
    • Phantom Coating Group:® The Phantom Group multi-layer coating introduced with the Hyperion eyepieces was once again optimized for the Morpheus eyepieces and matched to the different types of glass.®®
    • Optimized apertures: Like all Baader Planetarium eyepieces, the apertures inside have been ray-tracing to effectively eliminate stray light and reflections.
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