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Quick Overview

  • ZWO Electronic Filter Wheel provides automated control of up to 8 filters (not included)
  • Works with mounted 1.25” or unmounted 31mm astronomy filters
  • Only 20mm (0.79”) thick and weighs just 400g (14.1oz), yet made of aircraft-grade CNC machined black-anodized aluminum
  • Powered by USB connected through computer or through an astronomy camera (not included)
  • Includes T2 nosepiece, holder T2, T2-T2 adapter, and a eight-position carousel


Product Details

The affordable and lightweight ZWO 8-position Electronic Filter Wheel weighs just 400g (14.1oz) so it won’t break your budget or bog down your telescope mount. With a thickness of 20mm (0.79”), this filter wheel is made of black-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum and uses a whisper-quiet Japanese-made stepper motor to help ensure years of reliable field use. When used with a monochrome astronomy camera, this electronic filter wheel and a set of color or narrowband filters (not included) allow you to capture spectacular color images of astronomical objects.

The filter wheel’s carousel holds up to 8 filters in standard sizes of either 1.25”or 31mm (filters not included). The best filter size depends on your camera and telescope. With the ZWO ASI1600-series monochrome cameras, for example, 1.25” filters work well with focal ratios as fast as f/5. With telescopes of focal ratio f/4.9 to f/2, 31mm unmounted filters work best to avoid vignetting.

The bi-directional electronic filter wheel is powered and controlled through the USB port on your camera or directly via a USB cable connected to your computer, so you don’t need any extra power supplies to power the wheel. A USB2.0 cable is included. When the ASCOM driver is installed, the wheel can be controlled with a wide range of standard astronomy and imaging software.

The filter wheel includes a T2 nosepiece, a holder T2, T2-T2 adapter, and a small screwdriver and screw package. It also includes a 8-position filter carousel that accepts mounted 1.25” filters or 31mm unmounted filters which are held in place with M2 retaining screws (included). Mounted 1.25” filters must have thread height of less than 3mm and a filter height of less than 7mm.

ZWO EFW (Electronic Filter Wheel) 8 x 1.25″/31mm

Sales Tax Included
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