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Buy ZWO ASI432MM Planetary Camera at Modern Telescopes, Largest telescope store in India.

Product Details

Large format, large FOV

ASI432MM has a large sensor format of 1.1inch and hence a large field of view. The area is almost twice that of ASI174MM, making it a better choice for solar imaging and lunar imaging than ASI174MM which is an already recognized solar imaging camera.

Large pixels, high sensitivity

The 9um pixel size is almost 1.5 times larger than the ASI174MM pixel size. With its high sensitivity, images with finer colors and subtler details are now possible. You can have full trust in its solar imaging performance regarding to both full disk and local details.

Global shutter

Being a global shutter camera, ASI432MM also features a very high fps rate. Thus, it’s not only good for solar and lunar imaging, also suitable for you to photograph ISS and other fast-moving objects.

Full well depth

ASI432MM has a full well depth of 97ke, which is 3 times larger than that of ASI174MM. The larger full well depth provides the camera with stronger sensitivity. When we want to photograph the Sun surface and prominences at the same time, a very good quality image can be obtained.

Pregius technology

ASI432MM is an upgraded version of ASI174MM. It adopts Sony IMX432 sensor and is integrated with the advanced third Gen Pregius technology.

It uses global shutter, just as its predecessor. But its sensor format and pixel size are apparently much larger. Also, when you compare ASI432MM to ASI174MM, you'll find the ASI432MM has a full well capacity 3 times larger and much lower dark current noises.

USB 3.0 & 256MB DDR3 Memory

The camera is equipped with a USB 3.0 transmission interface and a built-in 256MB DDR3 cache to ensure stable and secure data transmission. Under long exposure, it effectively avoids frame dropping and greatly reduces the glow effect caused by slow reading speed.

Upgrade Iterative

The ASI432MM is an upgraded camera to the ASI174MM. Compared with ASI174MM, it has a larger frame and larger pixel size, providing users with a better choice for solar and lunar photography.

Readout Noise

Compared to traditional CCD cameras, the readout noise of ASI432 is extremely low. The built-in HCG mode can effectively reduce readout noise at high gain and allows the camera to maintain the same high dynamic range as it does at low gain. When the gain is 140, the HCG mode is automatically turned on and the dynamic range rises back to 12bit. When the gain is 400, the readout noise is 2.4e.

Quantum Efficiency

The QE Curve and readout noise are the most important parameters for measuring camera performance. Higher QE, lower readout noise is a necessary condition to improve the image signal-to-noise ratio.

Anti-Amp Glow Function

The anti-amp glow function which is independently developed by ZWO and used in ASI cameras effectively limits the amp glow on sensors and maximizes the cameras' photographic performance. Since it is implemented directly at the hardware level, it does not require software control.

ZWO ASI432MM Planetary Camera

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  • Camera technical details

    Sensor: 1.1″ CMOS Sony-IMX432LLJ-C
    QE peak:79%
    Back focus length: 6.5mm/17.5mm
    Max fps: 120fps
    Full well: 97Ke
    Shutter: global shutter
    Resolution: 1.77Mega Pixel,1608*1104
    Pixel Size: 9µm
    Exposure Range: 32μs~2000s
    Interface: USB 3.0 Type-B
    Protect window: φ32-2 AR
    ADC: 12bit
    Dimension: 14.5*9.95mm
    Weight: 126g
    Working Temperature: -5℃~50℃
    Storage Temperature: -10℃~60℃
    Working Relative Humidity: 0-80%
    Supported OS: Windows, Linux & Mac OSX

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