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The LX600 with Super Giant Field Tripod. The fast f/8 Advanced Coma-Free (ACF™) optical system produces a wider, flatter field with no coma for pinpoint stars out to the edge when using large image sensors and extreme wide-angle eyepieces. The 16" LX600 includes the patented Starlock auto-guiding system for automatic full-time guiding with one arc-second precision under good seeing conditions, zero image-shift focuser, AutoStar II GOTO system with over 145,000 object library, and much more.

The Meade 16" LX600 has our fast f/8 ACF™ optics 3251mm focal length) and Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC™) for maximum image brightness and contrast. The redesigned mirror mounting system achieves zero-image shift when focusing eliminating the need for re-centering your object and includes an internal Crayford-style focuser with two speed, 7:1 reduction control that allows for quick and easy adjustments.

The massive 16" LX600 dual fork mount features 11" main gears and boasts pointing accuracy of one arc-minute or better in High Precision Mode. This rock solid platform is sure to exceed the need for the most demanding applications.

The included Super Giant Field Tripod ensures a research grade foundation for this largest of the LX600 models and is remarkably transportable for an instrument of its size and specifications.

Includes StarLock- the revolutionary new technology that makes target acquisition on your imaging sensor and accurate guiding during exposures completely automatic.

The 16" LX600 Advanced Coma-Free comes fully equipped with AutoStar II keypad with 145,000 object library, Meade 2" Series 5000 diagonal with enhanced 99% reflectivity, Meade 2" PWA 28mm eyepiece, and 8x50 viewfinder with quick release bracket.

Power panel includes the following ports: 12V input, 12V output, illuminated reticle, handbox, RS-232 x1, StarLock, Aux, and Focuser.

Optical Tube with Split-Fork Arms: 190 lbs.

Drive Base with Split-Fork Arms: 112 lbs.

Approximate Shipping Weight: 374 lbs.

Meade LX600 ACF 16 inch F8 Telescope

Sales Tax Included
    • 16" f/8 Advanced Com- Free Optics | 3251mm focal length
    • Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC™)
    • Internal Zero Image-Shift Crayford-style Focuser
    • StarLock automatic guider
    • Super Giant Field Tripod
    • AutoStar II GOTO system
  • Eyepieces Type

    Series 5000 2" PWA 28mm

    Experience Level

    Activity Astroimaging
    Type Advanced Coma-Free (ACF)

    Clear Aperture


    Optical Design

    Advanced Coma-Free (ACF)

    Optical Coatings


    Focal Length

    Focal Ratio f/8

    Resolving Power

    (Dawes' Limit)

    .285 arcseconds
    OTA Cooling Fan Yes

    Oversized Primary Mirror

    Mirror Lock Yes
    Viewfinder 8x50mm with cross-hair reticle
    Eyepiece(s) Series 5000 2" PWA 28mm



    Internal Crayford Style, Zero,

    Image-Shift Primary Mirror

    Focus with Dual Speed 7:1 Control

    Diagonal Series 5000 2" Enhanced Diagonal

    Hand Controller

    AutoStar® II
    Object Database 145,000 objects

    Pointing Precision

    (High-Precision Mode)

    +/- 1 arcminute

    Periodic Error


    Both Axes


    Periodic Error

    Correction (PPEC)

    StarLock™ Yes

    Typical Guiding


    with StarLock

    < 1 arc-second

    Slow Motion


    Mechanical & Electronic
    Slew Speeds

    RA and Dec: 0.01x to1.0x sidereal,

    variable in 0.01x increments;

    2x, 8x, 16x, 64x, 128x sidereal;

    1°/sec. to 2°/sec.,

    variable in 0.1° increments.

    Tracking Rates

    Sidereal, Lunar, or custom-selected

    from 2000 incremental rates

    Control Panel

    12v DC in, 12v DC out, Power,

    Focuser, Reticle, Handbox

    port, 2x computer connection

    ports (RS232), 1 Aux guide port

    Tripod Super Giant Field Tripod
    Power Source

    12v DC, 5 amp Meade

    Universal Power Supply

    Batteries (User-Supplied) N/A
    GPS Receiver Yes
    Time Chip Yes



    Smart Mount™ Yes
    Smart Drive™ Yes

    Anti-vibration Pads



    Product Weight

    Telescope Net Weight: 202 lbs.
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