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GSO 6x30 achromatic finderscope is a good choice for any telescope, both astronomical and terrestrial. It shows stars to 9mag. The finder has an achromatic 2-element objective with 30mm aperture.
The metal diecast mounting bracket allows a very comfortable adjustment with 2 screws. The bracket fits most of the branded telescope. With the optional dovetail finder mount, you can adapt the finder to nearly any telescope. 

    GSO 6x30 Achromatic Finderscope

    Sales Tax Included
      • Achromatic Objective - 2-element with 30mm diameter
      • Bracket - adjustable with 2 screws - spring system
      • Aperture 30mm - Magnification 6x with cross hair eyepiece
      • artifical field of the eyepiece 45°
      • Real Field in the sky 7,5°
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