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A high quality Dobsonian telescope with parabolic optics with 300 mm aperture. GSO Dobsonians have mirrors in the upper quality range and convince with a low price. This telescope is ideal for deep sky observation.

The largest Dobsonian from GSO with a full tube. You need a station wagon or delivery van for transport. but a 300 mm aperture already offers unforgettable observation experiences. Nebulae and galaxies are already shown with details that are more reminiscent of astrophotography.

♦ High quality parabolic optics with 300 mm aperture and 1500 mm focal length.

♦ 94% mirror coating for a brighter, high-contrast image.

♦ Exact 2 "-Crayford focuser for precise focusing - with reduction to 1.25".

♦ Stable metal tube and adjustable mirror mounts for optimal imaging even after many years.

♦ Good expandability even for astrophotography.

♦ Active main mirror ventilation accelerates the temperature adjustment of the telescope.

GSO 12 inch DOB Telescope (Silver)

Sales Tax Included
  • Optics : Parabolic primary mirror made of BK7
    Opening : 300 mm - 12 "
    Focal length : 1500 mm
    Focal ratio : f / 5
    Secondary mirror diameter : 70 mm
    Shadowing by the secondary mirror : 23.3% linear
    Adjustment aid : Center mark on the main mirror
    Focuser : 2 "-Crayford pull-out with ring clamp and adapter to 1.25"
    Tube : Metal tube with reinforcement rings
    Tube length : 1450 mm
    Tube diameter : 356 mm
    Tube weight : 19.5 kg
    Rockerbox weight : 13.2 kg
    Rockerbox dimensions : Height 640 mm / diameter 635 mm
    Storage : Height with spring preload / azimuth with ball bearings

    In The Box :

    ♦ GSO Dobsonian telescope
    ♦ Rockerbox - azimuthal mount
    ♦ Fan with battery holder 
    ♦ 8x50 viewfinder with achromatic optics
    ♦ 25 mm 1.25 "Super Plössl eyepiece
    ♦ 35mm 2" extension
    ♦ Adjustment instructions and assembly instructions

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