The Explore Scientific 90/1250 is an automatic Cassegrain telescope with Maksutov-Cassegrain optics. This automatic telescope is suitable for beginning as well as slightly advanced astronomers. This telescope is developed by Bresser.

What's In The Box
  • Explore Scientific 90/1250mm GoTo Cassegrain Telescope
  • GoTo Handbox
  • Aluminium tripod
  • Compass
  • Eyepieces (K-10 and K-25 mm)
  • 3x Barlow Lens
  • Build-in Diagonal
  • LED Red Dot Viewfinder
  • Smart Phone Adapter
  • User Manual
  • Astronomy Software
  • Optical system: Maksutov-Cassegrain
  • Mirror diameter: 90mm
  • Focal length: 1250mm
  • Mount: single-arm, alt-azimuthal
  • Axes motors: in both axes
GoTo System
The Explore Scientific Telescope has a lens diameter of 90 mm and a focal lenght of 1250 mm. The moon and its craters, Saturn and Jupiter are just a few of the many objects you can see through this telescope. If you would like to start working with a GoTo-system this telescope is a great way to get started. This automatic GoTO-system, as well as the LED viewfinder, will help you to find specific celestial objects, like comets and planets.This telescope is equipped with an aluminum tripod, but can also be placed on a table.
How many times have you wished you could center your smart phone's lens right over the center of the eyepiece lens to grab an image of the Moon or a bright planet? It's not easy to hand hold it as you will find out if you try. 

This handy adapter works with any smartphone, holding it securely with a set screw to a standard size barrel 1.25-inch eyepiece. And with 35 soft silicon rubber suction cups, it will hold your smart phone firmly in the precise position, allow you to center the camera's lens.
Type Catadioptric
Brand Explore Scientific
GoTo System
Tripod Included
Tripod material Aluminium
Diagonal In-Built

Eyepiece 1.25"OD

K-25mm | K-10 mm

Magnification with eyepiece 50x | 125x
Magnification with 3x Barlow 150x | 375x
Objective diameter ø 90 mm
Construction Maksutov-Cassegrain
Focal length 1250 mm
Magnitude limit 8,9 mag.
Resolving power 1,3 arcsecond
Maximum useful magnification 180x
Focal ratio 1 : 14
3x Barlow lens


Red Dot View Finder

Accessories Tray Included
Tube Weight -- kg
Tube dimension -- cm Dia, x -- cm length

Shipping Weight

Within -- Kg

Shipping Carton Dimension -- x -- x -- cm3

EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC 90/1250 Mak GoTo Telescope

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