• Modern secondary mechanics - the collimation is easily achieved without tools and keeps collimation well during transports
  • Modern primary mirror cell - the telescope mirror can be collimated from the front while looking through the eyepiece and is supported by a modern floatation system with radial roller bearings
  • Large altitude wheels provide smooth and precise movement even at high magnifications
  • Secondary unit and altitude wheels fit into the rocker box and the mirror box includes a cover for transport so that the whole telescope breaks down into only two aluminium cases and the trusses
  • Extremely high rigidity construction
  • Dew-resistant because of aluminium construction: no deforming press board due to the exclusive use of metals
  • Lightweight: the aluminium profile/aluminium plate construction reduces the weight to about half of the mass of most press board designs of this price range
  • Two large radial fans for fast thermal equilibrium
  • Scope of delivery: Telescope, Manual, Reducer 2"/1.25", Red dot finder, Stray light shield for secondary cage, Main mirror collimation tool, Battery compartment with bag for fans, Extension tube for focuser
  • Truss-Dobsonian Telescope in full Aluminium construction
  • NEW: Slider bearings made from TEFLON und GFK for smooth and precise movement
  • NEW: Improved main mirror cell with completely redesigned mechanics
  • NEW: Altitude bearings with new designed brake and friction system
  • NEW: Universal finder slot to enable an easy finder upgrade
  • NEW: Quick-lock fasteners with new springloaded design for comfortable use
  • NEW: Powder-coated yellow altitude wheels to improve durability
  • NEW: Laser engraved central mark on main mirror

Model No.



Aluminum with Quartz Overcoat

Primary Mirror Diameter 254mm
Secondary Mirror Diameter (M.A.) 67mm
Focal Length 1270mm
Focal Ratio f/5
Resolving Power 0.456 arc-sec

Limiting Magnitude


Eyepiece 1.25"

Your choice of any two GSO Premium Plossl Eyepiece 1.25''

any one from series:: 12mm / 9mm / 6mm / 4mm
any one from series:: 15mm / 20mm / 25mm / 32mm
[Subject to Stock Availability in choices]
Primary Mirror Weight 44.5 lbs
Rocker Box Weight 14.8 lbs.
Total Weight 27 KG


Red Dot View Finder

Shipping Weight

Within 30 Kg

Shipping Carton Dimension 50 x 52 x 92 cm3

EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC 10" Dobsonian - D=254 / F=1270mm 2nd Generation Truss Tube Do

Taxes Included