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Modern Telescopes, the authorized distrbutor of Unistellar, presenting world's best astrograph. You can buy evscope in India only at Modern telescoeps and Modern Telescopes's authorized dealer.  


Manufacturer's product description:


Observe galaxies, nebula, star fields, and over 5,000 deep-sky objects in colour, in detail, and in under a minute, even from a light-polluted city!

The eVscope eQuinox is an all-in-one smart telescope, with amplified vision, automatic field detection and photography capabilities, all controlled by an iOS/Android App.


Smart Telescope, easy to use
Simply switch on, select the observing target in the app, and you’re ready to go. Complicated polar alignment or prior knowledge of the night sky is not necessary. The eVscope guides itself automatically by means of an internal compass, accelerometer and plate solving. The control of the eVscope is wireless and intuitive via a smartphone or tablet, by using the Unistellar app (Android/iOS). The built-in battery lasts a whole night, up to 10 hours. You avoid cable chaos and having to take an external battery with you.

Autonomous Field Detection
This outshines conventional GoTo! Thanks to the eVscope’s sophisticated plate solving process, it can analyse the stars in the field of view in a few seconds, and so compute the current alignment of the telescope. So at the push of a button each object is extremely accurately located and tracked across the night sky.

Enhanced Vision Technology
With conventional telescopes, faint objects such as nebulae and galaxies are only barely recognisable as faint spots of light. With the eVscope you can simply activate the live stacking. The telescope then shows not only the image from a single moment, but collects light over longer periods of time. After just a few seconds you will see your observing target like through no other telescope of this size. You can watch live as the image becomes more intense and more distinct over the course of a few minutes. The colours and structures of the observing target become clearly recognisable.

Robust optic
The Newtonian telescope with a 114mm aperture and 450mm focal length has a fast aperture ratio of f/4. So a particularly bright image lands on the sensor. The parabolic primary mirror creates an image without spherical and chromatic aberrations. The Bahtinov mask integrated into the dust cap makes focusing child's play. Even without experience and prior knowledge, you get a sharp image in just a few simple steps. The eVscope includes a Sony IMX224 sensor in place of a secondary mirror. This CMOS chip is also used in many highly sensitive astro cameras because of its very low readout noise.

SETI Partnership
In cooperation with SETI you can contribute to scientific discoveries and become part of a global network of eVscope telescopes. The image data from your eVscopes helps scientists with the exploration of supernovae, comets and asteroids.

EVscope eQuinox

Sales Tax Included
  • Optics 
    Type     Reflector
    Type of build     Astrograph 
    Aperture (mm)     114
    Focal length (mm)     450
    Resolving capacity     1,7
    Aperture ratio (f/)     4
    Tube construction    Full tube
    Type of build     without
    Mounting type     Azimuthal 
    GoTo control     yes
    Battery compartment    no (Rechargeable battery)
    Battery life (h)    10
    Motors    Stepper motors
    GoTo control
    Alignment method    automatic
    WIFI    yes
    Material    Aluminium
    Type    Tripod
    Canibelle    yes
    Included accessories 
    Carrying bag    no
    Total weight (kg)    9
    Colour    silver
    Recommended for 
    Beginners     yes
    Advanced     no
    Observatories     no

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