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For the price-sensitive planetary observer the AR-127L is a dream machine. View tiny dots and structures in the cloud bands of Jupiter, small rims and craters on the surface of the moon and details on Mars, including the ice-covered polar regions of our neighbouring planet. Watch Jupiter's moons dance around the planet and detect the greenish glow of Uranus far beyond Saturns orbit. The combination of large aperture and long focal length provides tack-sharp high-contrast pictures that will impress you every time anew. 

Bresser AR 127/1200 AR-127L Messier Hexafoc EXOS-2 Telescope

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    Optical design Achromatic Refractor
    Magnification from 46
    Maximum recommended magnification 254
    Mirror/Lens diam. 127 mm
    Focal length 1200 mm
    Angular resolution 1 arc seconds
    Type of coating Multi coated
    Finderscope 8 x 50 mm



    Material OTA Aluminium
    Polefinder scope included, illumination optional
    Fine movements Manual (RA and DEC)
    Material tripod3 Stainless Steel
    Focusing system 2.5" Hexafoc
    Colour white
    Dust protection caps Dust protection caps for front lens and eyepiece holder
    Mount Type German/Equatorial Mount
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