BRESSER Messier Maksutov 127/1900 OTA
The BRESSER Messier MC-127 telescope excels with high rigidity and tack-sharp optics. The 127mm aperture enables you to observe small bright nebulas, globular clusters, the moon, planets and a lot more in the depth of space. The high rigidity of the EXOS-2 mount allows for relaxed observations and is helpful for those making their first attempts at astrophotography.

The telescope is perfect for observing the moon and the planets with high magnifications. The EXOS-2 mount with flexible shafts provides an optimal basis to make the observing as easy as possible.
  • High-quality telescope with very sharp optics and stable EXOS-2 equatorial mount.
  • Aperture: 127mm / Focal length: 1900mm / Focal ratio: f/15
  • Load-bearing capacity up to 13 kg, depending on the length of the telescope
  • Perfect for observing the moon, planets and small and bright deep sky objects
  • Scope of delivery: OTA, mount, tripod, eyepiece (26mm), LED viewfinder, zenith prism, eyepiece adapter, dovetail plate, astronomy software
  • EXOS-2 mount with flexible shafts for manual tracking of celestial objects
  • Precision mount with ball bearings in all axis and polar finder scope
Special Features
  • Flexible shafts for manual tracking of celestial objects
  • Ball bearing axes (RA / DEC) for uniform tracking
  • adjustable polar finder scope
  • Maksutov-Cassegrain optics with high focal length and extremely sharp image
Scope of Delivery
  • Maksutov OTA
  • Equatorial mount EXOS-2 with flexible shafts
  • Steel tripod
  • 26mm SuperPlössl eyepiece (31.7mm / 1.25")
  • SC Eyepiece adapter (31.7mm / 1.25") 
  • Zenith prism
  • Dovetail plate for GP Level
  • LED viewfinder
  • Adjustable polar finder scope
  • Astronomy Software Stellarium
Field of Application
  • Deep Sky Observation
  • Lunar observation
  • Planetary observation
  • Lunar photography
  • Planetary photography
  • Deep Sky Photography
Focus Group
  • Beginners
  • Advanced Amateurs
Product Family Catadioptric Telescope
Optical design Maksutov-Cassegrain
Magnification from 73
Magnification up to 73
Maximum recommended magnification 256
Mirror/Lens diam. 127 mm
Focal length 1900 mm
Aperture ratio 15
Angular resolution 0.91 arc seconds
Type of coating MgF2 coating
Finderscope LED-Red Dot Finder
Mount Type German/Equatorial Mount
Material OTA Metal
Polefinder scope included
Fine movements Manual (RA and DEC)
Material tripod3 Steel
Colour white
Net weight OTA (incl. accessories) 3.4 kg
Total length 100 cm
Total width 100 cm
Total height 165 cm
Tripod height adjustment
Maximum load capacity 13 kg
Eyepiece Barrel Diameter 31.7 mm


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